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Hierro asks Atletico to pass Real Madrid. During an event on Friday, Fernando Hierro discussed the latest Real Madrid news. Benzema, La Liga, the Champions League.

With 5 rounds to go, no one doubts that Real Madrid will be champions this season and especially not Fernando Hierro, who spoke about the news from the Madrid club this Friday: “He is the just La Liga champion because “He has a huge advantage with 5 games to go. If that’s how it is, it’s because you had a good season”.

Hierro asks Atletico to pass Real Madrid

In addition, he believes that Atletico de Madrid will have to make a guard of honor (note: pasillo) to Real Madrid if they travel as champions to Wanda next weekend: “I don’t want to go back to the house of nobody, but it’s a false debate. I don’t really understand this controversy. When the teams are champions, we offer them a guard of honor the next match and we call that respect, “he said.

Fernando Hierro also spoke about Karim Benzema’s season and his chances for the Ballon d’Or: “He’s an extraordinary player and the player with the most responsibility in attack in the team. Everyone knows that. , but that’s what makes the difference for the prizes. I would give him the Ballon d’Or.”

Finally, he spoke about the upcoming return match against Manchester City: “We must forget PSG and Chelsea, the other comebacks and think only of Wednesday. The others belong to the past. The reality is: winning the Liga and then arrive in the best conditions for City. We play at home, with our fans and that’s why I’m always optimistic even though I know the level of difficulty”, concluded Hierro.

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